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Down the Long Steps 

His grandfather was the minister here when Stevenson was a child. There were always lots of cousins to play with; an inspiration for his Child's Garden of Verses poetry.

The Colinton Trust

provided the panels that start from the Long Steps. You can read more about the route and the panels here

There is also a downloadable educational pdf for children age 10-14 that you can download. It has a map and clues!             

The Colinton Local History Society 

provide related walk leaflets 1 and 2 that you can find here

The Colinton Tunnel

You can also explore the old Colinton Rail Tunnel - a tribute to Stevenson's poem "From a Railway Carriage". It is on the far side of the river from the Church accessible by the bridges up and downstream from it. You can read more here 

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