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Runner Up - School Clothes                        By Karis White

One day, a little girl returned home from school very upset.  

‘What’s wrong?’ asked her mother, busy dusting the furniture. 

‘A boy told me I shouldn’t wear blue at school because I’m a girl,’ she said through tears.  

‘Well, blue is quite a dull colour anyway, darling. Perhaps he’s right. Pink would suit you better,’ her mother replied. 

‘You’re quite right mother. I’ll choose a more feminine colour tomorrow.’ 


The next day, the girl came home and she was again, very distressed. 

‘What’s the matter?’ her mother asked, busy folding laundry. 

‘I wore pink today, mother, and a girl told me I looked like a marshmallow.’ 

‘A marshmallow?! Well, perhaps she’s right; and nobody wants to look like a marshmallow, do they?’ replied her mother. 

‘You’re quite right mother. I’ll choose a more neutral colour tomorrow,’ said the girl.  


The next day, the little girl came home, and she was very cheerful. 

‘How was your day?’ asked her mother, busy doing the dishes.  

‘Well, mother. I didn’t wear blue or pink today and nobody talked to me at all. It was wonderful. I got to concentrate on all my work and enjoy myself. Even the teacher ignored me.’ 

‘What on earth did you wear today, darling?’ 

‘Nothing at all,’ the girl replied. ‘I was naked.’ 

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