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Just Another Coronavirus Story

In Robert Louis Stevenson’s time lives were often cut short by a catalogue of deadly diseases. Nowadays one expects to be spared from such threats, but not now. The ‘victim’ in this case is Treasure Coast 2020, and the deadly disease is COVID-19.

The programme was coming along nicely, with

  • Fidra landings, flag raising, speeches

  • World premiere of a Stevenson Moral Tale adapted for a puppet show

  • Training on how to talk like a pirate

  • A scavenger style treasure hunt around North Berwick

  • Competitions and bespoke prizes

And associated other events were starting to be planned.

Sadly face masks and social distancing don’t really fit well with safely achieving childish fun for groups and families in close proximity to each other.

But there is no point in shedding tears! No-one died from Treasure Coast 2020 fever and perhaps we can try again in 2022, the Year of Scotland’s Stories. Stevenson wrote some pretty good ones, and who knows what can be dreamt up with the benefit of another two years?

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