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Fun Far and Wide

The Fabulous Fables flew onto our shelves thick and fast. The competition finished on 2 April. There will be much more to say about it after the judging panel does its job. The Winner will be announced at the Stevenson and Pleasure Conference in Bordeaux on 18 June. Any updates will be given on the Fables twitter feed

But right now there are two exciting new things to highlight

First, the launch of a new book by RLS; well, cheating slightly. Aged 12 he wrote the first chapter of a story The Wreckers. 160 years later the book has now been completed; it is called The Wreckers Tale. RLS would have enjoyed it. It is illustrated with lino cuts and available on Amazon at . And whilst it is officially a children's book aimed at around 12 years old, it has fun for all ages.

Second, a new strand of wandering just outside Edinburgh on the Pentlands, either as a hike that goes to the top or as a lower level walk for poor weather or the less adventurous. Either way you get access to some more of Stevenson's fine words about his Hills of Home, read by Vincent Guy. Lauchlan MacLean Watt published his admiring book about the topic back in 1914, but we bring it right up to date with audio and easy to follow route information.

And finally, a teaser that we're planning to add an extra layer of wandering fun taking things to a new level and faraway places even if you can't leave your favourite armchair. Watch out for more soon.


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