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RLS Day Next Week!

Next week includes RLS Day, 13 November, the anniversary of his birth back in November 1850.

With Covid around the celebrations will be somewhat more insular than previous years, but there is a lot to report, and some important changes to the web site.

North Berwick features strongly in ‘Robert Louis Stevenson – Around the world in under one hour’ an extravaganza of video readings from all across the globe with 19 different readers. It can be accessed next week from the RLS Day website . Our very own Vincent Guy has done a reading from Catriona and he has also provided some video footage to go with it. There are many other contributions to the rlsday website, so perhaps something there will take your fancy.

Vincent also played the role of RLS in a walk we did in 2018 with recitations at various places from Milsey Bay along to Pointgarry. These have now been identified on a Google Map with all the places able to let you click to play the recitation. This adds a further option for walking around North Berwick in the footsteps of RLS, accompanied by the ‘voice’ of the man himself.

Vincent was also the voice of RLS in two great new audio tours that have been developed for Edinburgh. These and other walking related resources have also been added to the website which now has an Edinburgh specific section to it. This extension will help the site to evolve towards a wider Lothians resource for the European Cultural Route – In The Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson. We hope that visitors to Edinburgh will enjoy these new walking options and that some will take time for a day-trip to North Berwick as well.


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